Tobin Fekkes

14 years of Systems Engineering, eCommerce, Logistics, Consulting, Teaching

From 3D Modeling and CNC machines, Tobin transitioned to web development, designing end-to-end systems to run businesses start to finish. Whether it needs shipping, pickup, delivery, or digital, one system to house it all can run smoothly when designed properly. Everything from the origin server to admin tools to customer satisfaction, it’s all been built to make a business hum. Starting with special reports for the owners and sales, to tools for administration and HR, to product forecasts and fulfillment sheets for everyone at the ground level, and each team member in between that keeps the the wheels greased.

Tobin also enjoys teaching software engineering classes to those that want to know why trees and rivers explain every facet of technology: software, hardware, internet, programming languages, constructs, all of it.

Listen to my conversation below with Brandon Ericson from the Camano Commons Podcast. We discuss tech, building systems, and leaving Facebook before it was cool.